Thankful Thursdays

A delayed one that is.  I abandoned, temporarily, this series in the confusion following my MIL’s passing, but now that I am hoping to blogging more regularly again, I wanted to give a shout out to my local lurker and good friend who did me a fabulous deed a couple of months ago.

At the end of February, I was preparing to go up to Boston to finish cleaning out my MIL’s apartment.  We’d decided that mr. jolt would stay with the boys, who needed the continuity of having one of us around.  Based on what was left, we decided to hire some moving guys to help lift a few heavy items and a bunch of boxes into our minivan, which I would then drive home.  Thus, I would drive seven hours each way, spend a day taking stuff to goodwill, and the rest of my time tidying the tiny apartment.

I bitched about this to my friend at lunch the day before I planned to go up.  That night she called and asked if I wanted some company.  I almost cried on the phone, I was so surprised, happy, and relieved.  So we went, together, and spent hours talking in the car, which was awesome because I tend to get very tired driving and want to go to sleep (bad when driving, no?). We got there late Saturday afternoon and puttered a bit in the apartment, then had a fabulous dinner at Legal Seafood before buying some chocolate and opening a wine bottle I’d brought and having girltalk into the wee hours.  On Sunday, we did two trips to a local shelter to drop off canned foods and various items and a trip to goodwill.  We cleaned the apartment.  It was not yet noon and the moving guys weren’t going to be there until 2 at the earliest, so we went to Newbury street and found this fabulous french-style bistro where we had a decadent lunch involving raclette (melted cheese, mmm) wine, mesclun salad, and french fries. 

The moving guys showed up, loaded up the van (I mean really loaded.  At one point, we thought we would have to strap some furniture to the roof, even though it had started to snow) and drove seven hours home, in the snow, getting back around 1 in the morning.

Thanks to her, what would have been an absolutely horrible weekend turned into a weekend with many happy memories.  Thank you!!!


1) My bookgroup: for being a great bunch of women, a spot of sanity and fun once a month.  We may not take ourselves very seriously, but we’ve become a great circle of friends over the last four years (woot!)  Interesting side note: we tend to talk more about books that we disliked, then books that we like.


2) My husband’s steak sauce.  Yum.  One of my friends thinks mr. jolt should start marketing it and make tons o’ money.  I say, let him finish his PhD first, please.  One extra project at a time.  But it truly is divine.  Guests have been known to do all but pick up the plate and lick it.  When we have no guests, I show no such inhibitions, and if no bread is available to mop up the last drops, I use my finger, because it’s THAT GOOD.


3) Science experiment books!  BB participated in his school science fair for the first time and because of mr. jolt being away so much we were a little slow to get moving.  But, the library came to the rescue with Last Minute Science Fair Projects, the perfect book for disorganized families everywhere.  We did the pollution catcher experiment, but did it inside the house.  The room with the most particulate in the air was the laundry room – lots of lint.  It beat out the garage and the closet where we keep the kitty litter box.  Let me tell you that book saved our butts.  I have been informed by BB, however, that we used the wrong kind of board to display our experiment methods and results, which I could see when I did a quick walk through of the displays yesterday when I picked up the boys.  Our boards were too flimsy and did not have the apparently ‘standard’ three panel look (we had two panels).  Oh well, now we know for next year.

This week I am thankful for:

1) That mr. jolt got an opportunity to say goodbye to his mom.  The end may or may not be imminent, depending on how she responds to a procedure on Friday, but when he got back to the hospital in Boston yesterday she was semi-responsive and while not totally with it was able to engage in some communication with him, including getting to see some things the boys had made for her.  They hadn’t seen each other (at least not while she was conscious) since Thanksgiving.  So, I’m thankful, as is mr. jolt.

      p.s. In case you didn’t already know, cancer sucks (as in sucks ass like a gigantic blackhole of suckage).

      p.p.s. mr. jolt & I have talked about whether to have the boys go up to say goodbye, but he is dubious about the benefits of them seeing her when she is pretty out of it and frankly, has a gabillion wires & whatnot, which are pretty scary looking.  If anyone has any experience on this issue, I’d appreciate your two cents.   Even if she makes it past the weekend, we are probably looking at a fairly short time horizon.  On the other hand, the boys have really good Thanksgiving memories of her and have talked to her on the phone a lot, just not in the last couple of weeks.


And more frivolously,


2) Soup.  It hasn’t been above freezing for more than an hour or two in the last few weeks.

3) Lip balm.  See #2 above.

Things I’m thankful for today:*


1) Good friends.  I know that sounds hokey, but this week mr. jolt was up in Boston, alone, to be with his mom, who lives there and is very, very, very ill. (These are the times when being an only child SUCKS).   I stayed home because the kids need the normality of school, etc. and we weren’t sure what the situation was.  But on Monday, mr. jolt sounded so lonely on the phone.  So I put out a call via email to some friends to call, text or email him and show him some love, and they did (along with thoughts & prayers for his mom).  Not only that, but our friend C, (who claims to have had a client visit in the area, but I suspect that’s a cover story) drove over from where he lives and had dinner with mr. jolt on Tuesday, giving him an opportunity for face to face conversation with someone other than a doctor.  When I spoke to mr. jolt on Tuesday night, he sounded better than he had in days. 


2) DVRs.  I always have a harder time falling asleep when mr. jolt is away, so I end up staying up way late, watching tv until my head is nodding to ensure that I drop off quickly once I turn out the lights.  The DVR has been a boon and I’ve been watching all sorts of junk the last few nights (as well as last week when mr. jolt was in CA for a conference).


3) Fingerless gloves: I got some last week to use while I type at work.  They rock.



*I try to make these lists a mixture of the serious and the frivolous.  I do not intend to equate the items in these lists.

As part of my goal of being more appreciative of the gifts I have been given in life, I’m starting a new series here, Thankful Thursdays.  Each Thursday I plan to say thanks for three things, big or small, for which I’m grateful.

1) Today,  my big numero uno thank you is I’m especially thankful for LB, my cutie-pie, who turns FIVE today.  He is no longer a baby in any way, shape or form, but he will always be my baby.  I hope his hugs stay just as delicious as they are now.  I love you sweetie!

2) I’m thanking my friends the Cs who rescued me from a last minute sitter cancellation yesterday so that I could go to a committee meeting for my lawyer’s group last night (mr. jolt is in San Diego at an academic conference – why am I not there? hmm). Their boy and my boys had a great time.   I owe them big time.

3) I’m thankful for red wine.  Need I say more?  I think not.

What are you thankful for today?