The views expressed on this blog are solely the views of jolt and should not be attributed to or held against any organization(s) or person(s), real or imaginary, past or present, to which jolt has been or ever will be affliliated.  jolt reserves her right to change her mind about any of the views expressed on this blog, but she doesn’t think it’s likely that her fundamental outlook will alter.

Furthermore, nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice, including  “legal tip of the day” posts, which are intended as humorous illustrations of legal mistakes and are not intended  as legal advice.   Posts, comments, and other exchanges of views on this blog do not constitute, nor are they intended as, the creation of any attorney-client relationship.  Anyone seeking legal advice should consult their local bar association for referral to counsel competent in the area of law at issue.

One Response to “Legal MumboJumbo”

  1. mscheevious Says:

    Spoken like a true attorney! lol Well done.

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