It’s funny (funny weird, not funny haha) how some words have different connotations, good or bad.  And that some distinctions seem somewhat silly.  For example, the flap a few weeks ago about the American Family Association changing athlete Tyson Gay’s last name to “homosexual” because of some replacement widget they were using.  Isn’t it amazing how the gay community’s pride in that word has caused the AFA (also known as the APA (American Patriarchy Association) – read that on punkass blog I think) to insist on something else.  Boy, did the APA look like a bunch of assholes.

My boys are at that stage where references to body parts are considered Hee-larious.  I seem to have finally moved them past calling everything poopy, which got very old very quickly.  But they clung to frequent use of PEEE-nis and BUTT (emphasis theirs).  Which is fine, but again, got old  fast.

Fortunately for my ears, they have moved beyond these plebian terms to the more euphonious “weinerdog” and “buttocks”, respectively.  Please note, they pronounce buttocks as BOOO-TOCKS, which for some reason greatly amuses me.  I sincerely hope that it will continue to amuse me until they move on to some other area of fascination.